'New British Glass'  Vessel gallery , 7th November - December.  https://www.vesselgallery.com



 London Glass Blowing - 15 November - 24 December.  http://www.londonglassblowing.co.uk      


  'GLORIOUS GLASS” CGS  at the World of Glass, St Helens - Saturday, 21st September –  8th     November, 2019


 The British Glass Biennale, 23 August - 28 September 2019.





        Gallagher & Turner, Newcastle                                   https://gallagherandturner.co.uk

        Desiree Hope Gallery St Ives Cornwall.                     http://www.desireehope.com  


        Pyramid Gallery  York                                                  http://www.pyramidgallery.com                   

        Pyramid Gallery   Chester                                           http://www.pyramid-glass.co.uk

        Plymouth Glass gallery                                               http://www.plymouthglassgallery.com                                                     

        North East Arts Collective, Newcastle Upon Tyne.   http://www.northeastartcollective.co.uk


        Oriel Mimosa, Llandeilo , Cararthenshire.                  http://www.orielmimosa.com


        Circle gallery, Cornwall                                                https://circlecontemporary.co.uk   



        Boha glass                                                                    https://www.bohaglass.co.uk 



        Crafts Councl  Directory    https://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/directory/crispian-heathglass                                    

        Contemporary Glass Society  https://www.cgs.org.uk/


Galleries where work can be viewed

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 For any further information : email,  crispianheath@hotmail.com , Phone 0191 2911401,

Crispian Heath Glass, 86 Queen Alexandra  Road.  North Shields, Tyne & Wear,  UK.  NE29 9AR

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